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    Our Why

    Our Why

    At For Life, we make value-driven clothing for value-driven people. But why? What is it that we value? 

    As you might guess by the name, we stand for life. We are a pro-life company that values human life at all stages of development, from conception to end of life. While we do care about and value the lives of mothers, fathers, grandparents, high schoolers, middle-aged women, and 10-year old boys, the lives of the unborn are currently under the greatest attack. Because of this, the vast majority of our messaging and partnerships are focused on protecting the lives of those still within their mothers’ wombs. 

    The issue of abortion is the single biggest human rights issue that the United States faces today. On average, over 1 million babies are aborted each year (930,160 in 2020 according to The Guttmacher Institute). Human beings are being slaughtered at a prodigious rate, and we can no longer stand by and watch.

    One of the ways that we help protect life is by donating to those who are on the front lines of this fight. Each month, a portion of our proceeds goes to PreBorn!, an organization whose mission is “to glorify Jesus Christ by leading and equipping pregnancy clinics to save more babies and souls.” One of the primary ways that PreBorn! makes an impact is by providing free ultrasounds for mothers in crisis pregnancies. Per their most recent report, the organization provided almost 45,000 ultrasounds, resulting in almost 26,000 babies being saved. Click here for more information about PreBorn! and their impact. 

    Our belief that life is sacred ultimately stems from verses in the Bible such as Genesis 1:27, which says, “God created man in his own image.” We believe the value of human life comes from God’s value. Psalm 139 says, “[God] knitted me together in my mother's womb.” God is the Creator who intentionally and personally creates each life in His own image. Every one of these lives is precious and worth protecting.

    At our core, we are a Christian company. We value God’s Word in the Bible and hold it as the ultimate authority in our lives. This value is the motivating force behind everything we do as an organization. Our beliefs about abortion, and any issue, are based in and motivated by the Bible. While our main cause is not exclusively a Christian one, it is impossible to separate our beliefs in this arena from our faith. As a result, our Christian beliefs inevitably seep through and permeate this company from the designs we create, to the content we produce, to the way we interact with our customers. If you continue to follow our little company, you will undoubtedly find Bible verses that support and celebrate the sanctity of life all throughout our content and designs. While we do not demand that you agree with everything in the Bible or all of what Christians stand for, we do not want our background and worldview to come as a surprise.

    At the end of the day, are we going to strive to produce quality designs, products, and content? Are we committed to creativity?  Are we committed to quick and congenial customer service? Of course we are. But this is not ultimately what we stand for or what we want to be defined by. We are first and foremost for life.  For this organization, all of our efforts flow from an effort to promote that which we value most on this earth. Our hope for this company is not to just affect political change or force religion on anyone, but our goal is that people would see the value of life. That more people would see human life as precious, valuable, and something worth protecting. And that, ultimately, more and more people would join the fight and stand For Life.

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    Our Cause

    We donate 25% of all profits to Pre-Born!, a non-profit that provides ultrasounds for moms considering abortion.